• Sri Sathyanarayana Homam will be performed on every full moon day.
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Temple speciality:

The sacred fire which was lit by Baba with his own hands while he was living in physical form in Shirdi was called Dhuni. Dhuni in Marathi means Smoke or a Holy Fire. This Dhuni ( Holy Fire )  is ever burning unceasingly, still maintained in shirdi without getting doused off  and the sacred ash which comes out of this is called Udhi which was distributed and applied on Devotees forehead by Baba with his own hand, and the practice of distributing Udhi is still continuing in almost all the temple’s in the world.

 When our Temple KUMBABISHEKAM  was performed on 7th Nov 2004, the Holy fire from Shirdi’s Dhuni is brought and our temple’s Dhuni was lit, and the Ash that comes from Dhuni is given to our Devotees as Udhi in our temple.  This Udhi has many spiritual and material implications and acts as a cure for many incurable deceases and ailments just by applying it in forehead and taking it orally mixed with water.  Udhi also confers many spiritual progresses to his Devotees and also gives good improvement in materialistic need of his Devotees. It ultimately gives a comfortable and peaceful worldly life.  Baba’s Ardent Devotees strongly believe that Baba lit this Dhuni, to burn Evil and Bad characters of his Devotees

With the blessings of Sai Maharaaj many Devotees have been performing Dhuni pooja and gets their prayer answered. The results that are obtained by Dhuni pooja is extremely Miraculous  as there are some medical cases, legal cases and so on which are by and far logically cannot have a solution are completely resolved by Baba’s Dhuni pooja  which the concerned Devotee themselves are not able to understand the sudden changes and improvements in their cases without any external or additional efforts. They strongly believe that all these are because of leelas performed by Baba according to the faith they show while they perform their Dhuni Pooja as his leelas spread’s like wild fire among his Devotees, people performing Dhuni pooja numbers have multifold increased and they also get their needs fulfilled and prayers answered immediately.

          For the welfare of our temple Devotees there is a Special mass Dhuni pooja is performed at 5pm on every Thursday for the sake of all the Devotees and their welfare who visit our temple. Lot of Devotees who are unable to perform Dhuni pooja takes part and gets benefited.  Devotees whose prayers are answered and in the way and how it has happened is explained by respective Devotees, the same has been published as Baba’s miracles for people visiting our website

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